Final Exams

Final ExamsSexy brunette Nancy (135lbs) takes on Lauren (130 lbs) a pretty blonde college student, as they tangle overwhether Nancy dances and enjoys music in the apartment or Lauren studies for her final exams. Lauren triesher best, and for a while the issue is in doubt: breasts and crotches rubbing against each other and beingmauled, breast smothers, tight schoolboy pins and punishing facesitting, as Nancy proves too much forLauren. Nancy is now intent upon hurting and humiliating her rival and ignores Lauren’s pleas ofsubmission as she she is being crushed by a powerful headscissors. One witness proclaimed that Nancy has “anass to die for” and she proves she sure knows what to do with that ass as she finishes off beaten Lauren withsome of the most turn-on and punishing facesitting yet.