You'll Never Cheat Again

You’ll Never Cheat AgainSexy Allison is furious at Cathy for having Cheated in a previous fight and upon Cathy’s arrival, Allisonreally tears into her. After several moments of hard fighting the enraged Allison smashes her smaller foe’shead Against the wall repeatedly, leaving Cathy in a semi-conscious state and is the dominant Allison everready to teach her a lesson.First she uses her incredibly strong thighs to tease her vanquished victim as she applies a variety oftorturous head scissors. Cathy is completely helpless between the larger girls’ legs as she gasps andstruggles for air, and the more she struggles the worse she finds her predicament.Once Again the turn-on Allison proves her legs are not only gorgeous but extremely effective. Next, alingering, tantalizing, and painful schoolboy pin as Allison now prepares to complete her task withsome sexy, sexy face sitting. Allison Ames fans will love seeing their heroine in action as she provestotally dominant with both her legs and derriere as she humiliates her smaller opponent.**Face sitting enthusiasts will turn on as Allison rubs, grinds and pumps Cathy’s battered face with hershapely backside**.