SenSex 1

SenSex Vol. 1Doppelganger: Once deeply attached to his beloved sex doll, Alex found himself caught in a peculiar situation. His best friend, Quinton is really concerned for his isolation and decides to push him out of his comfort zone. Convincing Alex to go to a local bar, fate intervened when he stumbled upon Melissa, a woman who resembled his sex doll named Sarah. Overwhelmed by this unexpected encounter, Alex made a spontaneous decision to part ways with Sarah, tossing her into a nearby dumpster. Unfortunately, Alex’s neighbors Mr. and Mrs. Feels witnessed this act, misinterpreting it as something sinister, leading to his arrest. Meanwhile, fate takes an unusual turn for Sarah, as a homeless man discovers her, unknowingly stumbling upon his wildest dreams. Downward Doggie: Melissa, passionate about yoga, decided to take her practice to the next level. With confidence and curiosity, she invited her experienced yoga instructor, Alex, over for a private lesson in her new home. Watch as a magnetic energy takes over Melissa and their connection grows stronger with each breath she takes, revealing a mutual understanding and connection beyond the physical realm. In the midst of the serene atmosphere, they realized that their shared love for yoga had opened the door to a deeper, more profound connection that transcends the boundaries of a traditional teacher-student relationship.